Kiip for WordPress plugin 

Kiip For WordPress

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Create rewards and user retention.
Generate ad revenue.

Better placement in posts and pages.
Install and add settings in admin.
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Easily add kiip moments with new buttons in the page and post editor.

New shortcodes:
Use shortcodes to load kiip reward ads.
Smaller moments(ads) for sidebar widgets.

Kiip is a marketing and monetization platform unique in style and user reward platforms. User retention is an important aspect for WordPress websites with subscribers, crm’s and more. Reward your users and monetize your website today!




Loads reward moment on page load.

kiipadshortcode type="fullscreen"



Loads full screen reward moment when users reach the bottom of the page..

kiipadshortcode type="fullscreen-onscroll"



Loads full screen reward moment with onclick element.

kiipadshortcode type="fullscreen-onclick"



Loads reward moment in a specified element with class entered in admin.

kiipadshortcode type="contained"



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